Please Help Me Fix: Experience built with Experience Builder Developer Edition fails to prompt for user credentials

08-05-2021 10:05 PM
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Hello all,

I am really hoping that someone can help me fix an issue I am having with user authentication with my "Experience" that I developed with the developer edition. 

Currently when the user hits the Experience at my url everything seems to work fine and the user is prompted to authenticate, but if the user closes the web browser and comes back to the web page the user is not prompted to authenticate and the Experience breaks. 

Is this a cache issue? If not a cache issue is there a way to ensure that the Experience prompts for sign in each time the user comes back to the page?

When I hard reload the Experience (Control + F5) the Experience asks for authentication again. Does anyone know whats going on here? 

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Hello, can you please send a file with the code.

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