Pass lat/long coords to URL of Exp Builder webapp

05-20-2022 07:46 AM
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With the EB webapp I created, I would like the webapp to go to a location specified by latitude, longitude coordinates passed through the URL of the webapp.  I am unable to find the URL parameters to do this and if this is possible.  Thanks!

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@USLEOperations Unfortunately, I don't think we've supported that yet. You might consider bringing it to Esri Support for an ENH or post it in the Experience Builder Ideas category for further evaluation. Thanks.

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This is such basic functionality - the ability to pass location / scale to a map via a URL. Yes, I know that Ex B does "so much more" than a basic map. But if ESRI isn't going to maintain (or truly replace) WAB (or other, previous options) and tell us that Ex B is so great it needs to be able to do Basic stuff too.

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Unbelievable that such a basic thing is not available. And ESRI is retiring the WAB and expect us to use EB without many of the functionalities? seriously? 

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