Panning, zooming and fullscreen not working (ArcGIS Experience Builder)

09-28-2021 03:21 AM
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We have built an Experience in ArcGIS Experience Builder. However we are experiencing issues (Bugs?). The Experience consists of a map widget, a widget controller containing several widgets (legend, map layers, bookmarks, filters, chart)  and a bottom bar containing a table.

Firstly, panning is very glitchy in the map within ArcGIS Experience Builder, often requiring several attempts to 'click and hold' to drag the map, and even then sometimes only if dragged north or eastwards.

Secondly zooming using the mouse is similarly glitchy, with users often having to revert to the '+' and '-' symbols on the map to zoom in and out.

Thirdly, despite enabling the fullscreen tool in the map widget, when clicked, the tool does nothing.

These issues have been reproduced so far in Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

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@DataOfficer - Unfortunately I cannot reproduce these three issues that you described - I did not experience the glitchy behavior and the fullscreen function works fine for me:


It may have something to do with the local bandwidth or device connections, but I also wonder if you could provide an app to reproduce the issues. Another possible solution is to work with the Tech Support team who can help you in detail as well.

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@TonghuiMing I've managed to work out the cause. I have a bottom bar (sidebar) containing a table, but did not have the map in the other sidebar panel. The solution is mentioned here.