Newly added photo attachments not showing in the Experience

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08-10-2022 07:26 AM
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I have an experience where selecting a point pulls up site info in a side panel. There is an image widget in the side panel that shows the attached photos from the hosted feature layer (view). When I add new photos (or remove, replace, etc.), the changes don't show in the experience. They do show in the popups of the hosted feature layer AND the hosted feature layer view that is currently shown in my experience.

I have tried updating the view, but they still don't update. I've also checked that it wasn't just a cache issue in my browser. How do I make the new photo attachments show/update in my experience?

Attached are screenshots of my experience (not showing the new attachments) and view layer (showing the new attachments).

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Hi @TonghuiMing 

This post was very helpful in finding the layer update timing occurance settings I needed!