New Release Issues - Embedded panels with URL parameter

07-08-2020 04:05 AM
New Contributor

i have an experience builder app, working from April 2020, but with this latest release we lost some critical functionalities.

With embedded panels when configure an URL like hyperlink or like an attribute (connected to data) if my URL have some parameters (e.g.: https://......?ars=1) the panel ignore my param.

If i hardcoded like code (inserting an Iframe) loads page with parameter value (but this is could not be the way because i need read this value from database).

This functionality are very important to us, and worked fine before previous release.

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Esri Contributor
Hi Bruno,
In this release we modified the hash assert judgement method and if there is a query parameter after # in the url,(which is the notation of hash), it will be ignored. This will cause some OP Dashboard url parameters not taking effect in EXB's Embed widget. After evaluation, we consider it not an easy fix and we could not risk to put it into a patch. Following is a workaround.

Adding the same ars parameters again before the # and add an arbitrary parameter(abc=1) as well. Only in this way it will work both for the original op dashboard site and the exb embed widget. 
Sorry for cause the trouble.