Multiple print widget issues - selections and legend

09-01-2022 07:58 AM
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The print widget won't show the selected features from the map in the image it creates which is an essential part to cartographically calling attention to what you want the recipient of the map to see. This was available in WAB and was always useful - is this a bug in the print widget in EB?



The print widget forces our users to have to turn on the legend every time they print instead of allowing us to set the legend to turn on by default. A legend is a critical part to any map, as any GIS person knows, and so to have to turn it on every time seems quite silly - this should always be turned on by default - like it was in the WAB print widget.



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Hi @KaraUtter ,

For your first question, currently it is a known limitation that the print service cannot print highlight features, please refer to

And for the second question, if you want to include the legend by default, you can check the "Include legend" option in Template configuration - Layout options - Set defaults:





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