Multi Page Dashboard - Sync using Extent changes

05-04-2023 07:58 AM
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I'm building a multipage dashboard in EB developer.   I'm trying to sync the extents as the user changes the zoom level/and or map extents.   I capture the "Extent changes" event and use the "Zoom to" to update the other maps.   However, this creates sort of a vicious loop that causes the maps to zoom or change extent back to the previous extents.   It looks all jerky and not very smooth to the user.  Any ideas how to keep all the views in sync?   Each map has a similar extent changes logic to update the other map views.

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Hello I am trying to do the same thing have you figured it out or had anyone help you? 

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@PaulNRWA This scenario should be enhanced in the recent AGOL June release. Let us know if you still encounter any other issues.