Webmap and Experience Builder zoom level mismatch

05-17-2023 02:54 PM
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I am building an Experience to replace my Webmap Series and have noticed what appears to be a mismatch in zoom levels between the webmaps used in my Experience and the zoom level of the webmap inside the Experience.

I have set a visibility range limiter on my features with the default extent of my webmap saved and bookmarked to the furthest zoom level before the features disappear. I have pulled these webmaps into individual pages of my Experience and set the initial view to default. My understanding is it should start at the zoom level I've saved the webmap,  but the map in the Experience is actually one "click" further out - evidenced by the fact that none of my features are visible. I can even see in my map thumbnail that the features are visible (see screenshot "default extent_EB"). And if I zoom in one "click" in live mode, the features appear (see screenshot "extent zoom_EB"). But, hitting the home button brings it back to the incorrect default extent.

I know I can work around this by setting a custom default extent in Experience, which I will do for now, but I wanted to bring this up as it seems to be functioning incorrectly. Or, am I missing something?


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Try setting "Preserve map scale" in your Webmap properties (not in ExB) :

2023-05-17 16_59_24-Hurricane Florence (2018).png

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Thanks for the suggestion - unfortunately, this didn't help. Same issue is occurring. I removed and added the webmap after ensuring preserve map scale was activated as well.

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Hi @Goldendelicious 

I want to follow up on this - are you still seeing the same behavior? Especially after recent the AGOL June release (assuming you are in the AGOL environment)?

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