Map Widget - change location of basemap and switch to full-screen tools

12-03-2022 03:49 PM
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Is there any way to change the default locations of map widget tool icons? I mean: basemap, switch to full-screen tools? By default, they are located in different corners of the map. I would like to put them all in upper-left corner of the map.

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I feel like the current layout for the Map tools widget is very limiting. In an app I'm working on I have the sidebar with a legend/map layers that sits over the map. However in doing so this covers up a few of the map tool widgets. This is unfortunate because users have to know to collapse the sidebar to be able to use the Zoom functions. I would really like the 'Small size' option to be available in the Map tools layout for 'Large and medium size'.

Does anyone have a work around? Currently the 'home' and 'zoom' map tools are not available outside of the map widget.