Map Layer Widget - New February 2023 Update Query

02-28-2023 05:20 AM
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I see that from the recent February 2023 ArcGIS Online update, the Map Layer widget was going to give the ability to customize settings to hide layers from the widget.

In hearing this, I thought that it would allow us to have a Map Layer widget for say 'SET 1' of layers, then another map layer widget to allow 'SET 2' of layers. Obviously with the note (below) contained within the widget documentation website, this is not possible. Is there any reason why this has been closed off to just a single widget?


Note on Widget website

"You cannot access the Customize layers setting if multiple Map Layers widgets are connected to the same Map widget."

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@MatAzzopardiRWE The reason is that -

You can set the customizations in the setting for different Map Layers widgets, but regardless, at runtime (for end users), any changes will sync up to and then back from the Map (assume there is only one). For example, SET2 has updated the entire structure, and then all the map layer widgets and the layer tool inside the Map widget will sync to it - causing the runtime and settings for SET1 to be different.

Currently, the behavior is based on map/API behavior, thus we do not provide the ability. However, if that's your user case, feel free to post it in the Ideas Channel or reach out to Esri Support - for a potential enhancement evaluation.

Hope that could help.

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