EB Print Widget will not use any print service

01-24-2023 05:34 AM
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I want a very basic print option for my EB app, but the AGOL print widget will not work. I can select the OOB print service, but my print widget just opens to a printer icon, and the service selection doesn't stick:


As soon as I close the widget configuration, even if I save while it's open, the service seems to disappear. The next time I open the widget it wants me to select the service again:


The same thing happens if I add a service and copy a URL from a working appbuilder app. It remains an option when I go to "select utility" again, but it doesn't give me a print interface or stick when I close out of widget cofig.

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I experienced the same issue here! I was able to get it to work by copying the default ESRI ones and publish them up modifying them slightly (moved the legend, that's it).  Everything else works with our Print Service except Experience Builder (Web App Builder, Map Viewer, New Map Viewer, Instant Apps).  All hope was lost though, as the print widget doesn't create a legend for me, no matter what I try - even using the default ESRI ones.  

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