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‘Map’ and ‘List’ widgets not be displayed in Framework when map widget is selected.

03-14-2022 05:45 AM
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When the map widget is selected (in the dashboard) to add an action/trigger and "extent changes" are selected the 'Map1' and 'List 1' do not show in the Framework widget. When the list widget is selected (in the dashboard) and following the same previous steps, only 'Map1' will show in the Framework, no List 1 option is showing. Are we just missing a button that needs to be selected? Not sure why we can see no widgets (the framework window), in the Map dashboard selection and only 'Map 1'(the framework window) when the List is selected in the dashboard. See attachment. Thank you for any help.

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Hi @WardMitchell2 ,

List widgets are data-driven, so if you add a trigger to the framework - data, all widgets that use the same data source or data view will react to that trigger.

Please find details at the doc





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