Load a section/view with a button or link click

10-28-2022 09:08 AM
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Still fairly new to use Sections and Views, so maybe this is already possible, but I can't figure it out. Can you have views within a section that are different heights? I'm trying to figure out how to load additional content onto the page using a link or button. It looks like among the options of what you can link to, a View is the best choice? However, I've played around with adjusting the Section/View heights, and I can't seem to get the Section height to be dependent/change based on the active View height. Is this possible?

I included a very rough mockup image of the idea. Basically I want the main search bar to be displayed by default, and I only want to show the advanced search options below it when someone clicks on the link. I also don't want there to be reserved blank space below the search, i.e., have a blank view of the same height for the section. Ideally the content below the search bar would be pushed down by the filters when selecting advanced search.

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