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List widget & trigger issue

08-09-2020 11:26 PM
New Contributor III


I have issue with the list widget. Namely i have a service where i marked approx 80 field areas on the map. 

Namely, I have a service where I have previously marked about 80 areas where data is currently entered into the application. For public  i 've set up the web map to show only areas where data is available. Now if I want to see a list of these areas, empty areas will still be added to the list (look the following figure).

I tried to add a trigger and set condition (do not show areas where there is no title for the entry), but it doesn't work. Is it an issue or i do something wrong? How to remove empty areas?

Thanks in advance!


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Esri Regular Contributor

You can create a data view to add a filter to accomplish this. Another option is you can also set up a filter on the webmap in ArcGIS Online to exclude these as well. 

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Thank you! I already excluded these data in the arc map service.