List widget - stack rather than scroll or navigate?

07-07-2021 04:08 PM
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Hi EB community,


I'm building a video gallery. I want the users to be able to see all the video options (cards in a list), but also be able to narrow down options by typing into the search box. I've created a table with video links in them to populate a list and turned on the search option.


Is it possible to stack the list, rather than scroll or multi-page? Ideally, I'd like to see all the video options at once.

This is what it currently looks like. Rather than having to click the arrow to get to other videos, I'd like them stacked in three rows.



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I agree!

The Gallery apps in AGOL allow for this and it is the default method in that environment.  It would be great if we could mimic that in Experience Builder. 


Like this - the default Gallery

Annotation 2021-07-08 090111.png

Kevin Wright
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Hi @elpinguino @KevinMWright13 ,

List grid layout is available in today's update.

If you want to stack list items in three rows, you can change the item width to 33%.


If you want to keep the list item width the same size in all resolutions, you can change the item width unit to px. Just make sure you also change the list widget width unit to px for better responsive behavior.




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Thanks @ShengdiZhang . Can't wait to apply this to the gallery, and great to see our input is being heard!

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