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04-01-2022 02:21 PM
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I have 3 widgets that are dynamically linked to each other through a common data set. An Image, Text, and Feature Info widget. I can scroll through 9 different geographic areas (polygons) with the Feature Info widget simplified to just show the area names. As I scroll through the areas the Text widget and the Picture widget dynamically change to show the text and image for the selected areas.

My issue arises when a user wants to select another feature on the map to obtain information via popups. This action will deselect the polygon area. When deselected the Picture and Text will revert to the default view, the Feature Info will stay on the last selected area. Now the user cannot see the information, or the photo of the area that they are viewing, unless it is the default view area. 

Is there a way to keep the Image and Text widgets on the last selected area when the polygon is deselected?

Or is there a better way to display the information in an attractive way? Displaying all the information using the Feature Info widget is somewhat unattractive for the public facing app we are building. 

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