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Jewelry Box - "Connect data" and 'Add a trigger" choosing two different layers?

08-30-2023 11:56 AM
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Hello there,

I'm working on a jewelry box template. I want to display a map with point locations and the text in the list showing attributes from that layer, such as Name, State, and attachments. But when a user clicks on one of these places in the list, I want the view to change and zoom in to that specific location, but show the place's boundary, which is a polygon layer. To accomplish this, I connected the data to the point layer, and I was trying to "add a trigger" to zoom to the boundary (polygon) layer. Unfortunately, it seems that I cannot have multiple layers. I have tried creating a custom extent, but the highly variable scale of each location's boundary prevented it from working as intended.

I am hoping to find a solution without having to create and publish a third layer with the same data, as both layers are already published.

Is there a way I could accomplish what I am envisioning? Am I missing a simple step?

This is my first time using ArcGIS Experience Builder, and I am a bit overwhelmed with so many options (which is a great thing!). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Monica,

I don't think you're missing a simple step. I don't think it's possible to populate a list with one layer and then zoom to extents stored in another layer (I think that's what you're trying to do).

Could you create a Joined view layer and use that as the source of your list? You wouldn't be publishing new data but it would be another content item to maintain.



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Hi @JillianStanford,

Thank you for your reply! I was really excited that your suggestion seemed to be exactly what I needed. However, I have been trying with no luck, because my attachments disappear when creating the Joined view. Right now, I am following up with another thread to see if I can resolve the attachment issues before trying the Joined view again. I hope it all works.

Thanks again!!


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