Issue with connecting list widget to feature info in ExB

06-15-2021 03:08 PM
New Contributor III

Hi All, I have a workflow where I launch a Survey123 survey by triggering a popup from a web map. To build my Survey123 URL appropriately, I have an Arcade function on a popup in the webmap that converts the selected feature's coordinates to lat/lon and gives me a survey URL. I then embed this webmap in an ExB app and use the Feature Info widget to trigger the popup from either selecting the feature from the list widget or from selecting it on the map. This worked great when I initially set it up in a prototype app but I've tried to replicate it it in another app and something very odd is happening... when I trigger the popup from the map and open the survey, the lat/lon conversion is correct and the survey is just fine.... however... when I trigger it from the list, everything seems fine (i.e., the other fields populate correctly) except that my coordinates are wrong! I suspect that it has something to do with how the map, list widget and feature info widget are connected but I can't seem to find any differences between the working and the non-working app!

Any suggestions on approaches to debug this kind of thing would be greatly appreciated! 

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