Experience Builder URL parameter support?

07-20-2020 10:32 AM
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Does Experience Builder support URL parameters similar to Survey123, ArcGIS Dashboards, and Web AppBuilder?

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Hi Kevin,

I assume you mean by that to reading the URL for any parameters and trigger actions... I don't think that exists at this point.

I'm curious to think how can such feature be implemented to such a dynamic/flexible platform, since in contrast to all the products you mentioned, the Experience Builder let the editor to determine the centric component/s, so there's a challenge on how to attach URL parameters to content that isn't fully determined.

With that being said, it can be done with the developer edition, where you can create custom behaviors.


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Hi Shay,

Thank you for the thoughtful response. I was thinking that the behavior would be similar to: URL parameters—ArcGIS Dashboards | Documentation - specifically the "Feature parameters" which reads: "Feature parameters are used to pass one or more feature IDs to a dashboard. They can be used to filter the dashboard's elements, or they can be used to apply location actions—Zoom, Pan, Show pop-up, Follow Feature, and Flash—to the dashboard's maps."

Agreed that Experience Builder is more complicated (and flexible), but if all components of a dashboard can be hooked up based on actions, could the same logic be applied to Experience Builder? 

I will also check out the developer edition of Experience Builder, should be interesting!



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Hi Kevin and Shay, 

I'm also wondering when/if this would become part of Experience Builder. 

I have an experience builder where selecting different items in a list will result in a different view. Within the URL, I can see that it has actually passed these selected values into the URL: 


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Hi All, 

I know this was some time ago, but for anyone that is still looking for more info on this topic, the following blog post  and this reply can provide more info.