Is sending data to repeats supported in Survey Widget

02-24-2021 12:15 PM
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@BrandonArmstrong I have a couple questions regarding your blog Using Experience Builder and Survey123 to pass attributes and geometry from one layer to another

- How do i pass point geometry from my feature class to the survey?  I have 'connected'  *shape(point) from the feature class to the point question in the survey with no good luck.  The survey map does not zoom to the location of the point, and no point is shown on the map.

- Is there any way to send related data from the hosted feature layer to the 'repeats' within the survey?

- Is there a way to handle situations where more than one point is selected? Here's the use case - multiple points are within the same general area where the user clicked. The map pop-up shows something like '1 of 5'. The data from the first record in the pop-up is sent to survey. Clicking on the 'next' arrow in Pop-up should send the data of the 'next' feature to the survey, but it's not doing that for me. Is there a setting i need to configure?

Thank you.


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@Trippetoe - after communicating with our colleagues, here are some conclusions for you:

  • The behavior for #1 seems like a bug. However, when testing in AGOL, it seems fine.
  • #2 & #3 are not supported for now.

Hope it helps.




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