Interactive Legend widget for Experience Builder

06-16-2022 08:26 AM
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Does anyone know of any interactive legend widgets available for experience builder.  Trying to get layers that are visible in a current map view to show with number of feature in that layer.  If the layer is not visible in that map view then it will not show anything.  Similar to the interactive legend in instant applications.  Then be able to click and edit the features specific item details.

Thank you for any help you can provide.  

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Yeah i'm searching the exact same thing ; create a legend widget which only shows actual items displayed on map.
There is an option for ArcGis Pro but not in Exp Builder for now. 

So maybe something we need to code ourself. 

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I'm doing a similar-ish thing but i'm stuck too. I want to make a custom legend widget in ArcGIS Exp builder using React.js and TypeScript but I'm not having much luck. It def seems possible because there is a Legend widget in the esri web package (which comes with the ArcGIS experience builder) and I found documentation here: but i still have questions on how to generate the web component on the screen itself. Anyone able to help me out of this jam?

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Hey Chris, did you manage to figure something out? I'm currently facing the same issue. Just want to know if it's possible. Thanks!

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