Installing a new widget in Experience Builder

11-01-2021 03:39 AM
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I want to install a new custom Print widget and other widgets made by Esri, such as the Editor, in Experience Builder. Do you have any documentation or tips on how to install a new widget on top of EXB? I'm looking here and here for instructions on installing the widget and it seems we need EXB Developer Edition. Did I understand correctly? Our EXB runs on Portal for Enterprise 10.81. 

Thanks in advance.

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Let me start by saying that you don't have to be a developer to use the Developer Edition, and I highly recommend going that route to anyone who can.  I run it on a regular Windows 10 PC that has IIS turned on.  It takes a bit more time than the AGOL version to implement the upgrades, but not much if you don't use any custom widgets.  So far, installing a new version has merely involved downloading and unzipping a file and running a couple of commands in the command window.  If you don't have any custom widgets, migrating to the new version would just be copying and pasting folders from a single location.  You would then have to download and unzip ExB files to your own web server to replace the older version there too.  This puts you in control of all updates to your ExB apps!

The Developer Edition would allow you to use the Print Widget that you referred to as well.  Again, that would not be very complicated at all (assuming the widget is up to date for the version you are running).  You can just ask the author about that.

We are not yet running Portal due to a bureaucratic nightmare, so I am not 100% certain about this, but I think this documentation link will make it clear that if you use Experience Builder as part of your portal, you will at times be perhaps 9 months or so behind where the AGOL and Developer Editions are.  Longer if you don't upgrade your Portal.  It appears the version you are using is from February 2020.

Also note that the current version of ExB has an Edit widget that you should consider using instead of the developer sample one you linked to.

Further, I think you should be able to use the current ExB Developer Edition to connect to web maps, etc. on your 10.81 Enterprise.

Someone please confirm.



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@DaveFullerton you are correct. The only limitation I have encountered so far (current bug) for Enterprise items in experience apps is trying to authenticate through an embed widget. Two versions ago using OAuth still couldn't access Enterprise items through embed.

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@JuhaHaanpera you will need to use the developer edition to build your custom widget. Configure and write your custom widget locally (on a new app or your existing in Enterprise). Once you have completed your development you must publish the ENTIRE application and host the APPLICATION on your webserver for consumption in Enterprise.

Hopefully the process for hosting webapp builder widgets will be available soon! (Unless it is and I missed that!)