Identity Manager Prompt Popup Instead Redirect

03-04-2021 06:00 AM
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My experience builder are accessing secure content and my client doesn't favor the login popup. Is there any way we can use redirection method instead of popup? I did managed to use the redirection method when I import IdentityManager direct from the node_modules. However, it does not share the same singleton as the IdentityManager from loadArcGISJSApiModules which cause the user to login again when the widget try to access secure content.

I did try to supply the OAuth with popup false into the IdentityManager in loadArcGISJSApiModules but it doesn't work.

Not quite sure how to resolve this. Fyi, this is Experience Builder Developer Edition

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The "popup" is hard coded as "true" in jimu when we register the OAuth info. Maybe, we can add an option in app config in future.

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I would be helpful to hide/suppress the "Sign In"-Popup (see attachment) using an App-Parameter in WebApps built in ArcGIS-Online when they are hosted on a local webserver.

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