I would like to customize the text widget

01-29-2022 03:20 AM
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I recently picked interest in developing custom widgets for the experience builder. I have followed the getting started instructions and I currently have the server and client instances running on my local machine. I was also able to follow this video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kR4UoUd2CQ] to create another widget. The documentations are not helping too.

However, all these are not helping me because I'm also new to React, Typescript, and co. For now, I just need to customize the basic Text widget, this seems to be the least complex widget in the list. If anyone has created a copy of the Text widget or know where I can download it I'd greatly appreciate. I believe I can study the codes and have a better understanding as I've not seed any doc that address this before moving to those complex tutorials. 

I want to know how to enable inline editing on the widget, and enable the dynamic content context tool in my widget codes. I've set supportInlineEditing to true in my manifest but it's not doing anything.

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