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hyperlink broken if bold'ing a few words of a string

07-10-2022 11:41 PM
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Hi ,

I think there is a bug in Experience builder when using font variation in a hyperlinked phrase.

1. Create a text widget

2. name it " Please click on this link to continue "

3. edit hyperlink and make it go to

4. you now have one line that hyperlinks to the URL and if you hover your mouse over it, it all looks OK

5. now go back and make the  "this link" in bold: You now have [ Please click on this link to continue ]

6. Try running it and hovering your mouse over it : it has split into 3 hyperlinks
* please click on  this link  to continue

7. Not only does t look bad, it is also very difficult to understand for visually impaired users (it sounds like 3 incoherent links,  with NVDA-reader

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The code necessary to make the substring bold will have been embedded in the string making it behave that way. bold the entire string, preferably including an extra space before and after the link

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I was not able to reproduce this in either AGOL ExB or ExB-Dev. However, I suggest the following to get around rich-text-editor quirks:

1) Make the text bold

Please click on <strong>this link</strong> to continue

2) Then wrap the link

<a href="#">Please click on <strong>this link</strong> to continue</a>


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