HTML tags in Experience Builder

02-17-2020 05:49 AM
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I just tried the final release of Experience Builder online edition with an existing Experience.
In the "Feature info" widget, some html tags that are in fields "rich text" are no interpreted. They appear as simple text. (<sup>, <sub>, <iframe>, <style>).

ex : XVIII<sub>ème</sub>siècle
This is penalizing for a web apps.
For information, in the Beta version, these tags are correctly interpreted as in the AGOL map viewer.
In the "List" widget, in the beta version, the vertical alignment of the images was centered when the image is higher than the space defined for an item. In the final version, the images are aligned at the top. It would be interesting to have a choice in a future version.
It would be interesting to have the option of having a sandwich menu in the "View Navigator" widget like that of the "Menu" widget.

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this was working in the beta version, I really want this to work as well.