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How to show an Excel file in EB

08-09-2023 07:36 AM
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Hello everyone,


How to show an excel file in EB.

The file cannot be shared with Everyone in AGOL. IT is shred only with a group.




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Hi @JoseSanchez 

If you have the table hosted in ArcGIS Online, you should be able to load the data into your Experience Builder application without a problem - either by adding it to a map or bringing it in through the data tab. You can then share the experience builder app directly with the group that the table is shared with. If you would like to share some data from the table publicly, you can always create a view layer of the table.

Do let me know if you have any specific questions about this or if this does not answer your question fully,



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Hi Issy, 


What is the best way to add a table to the EB? I have information that I want to organize into a table within the EB. However, I am unable to add a table without using the attribute table widget. Is it not possible to add a table similar to a spreadsheet or a table like in Microsoft Word?

kind regards


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