How to set AND condition in Filter widget when selecting predefine multiple values

12-12-2022 12:09 PM
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I configured a Filter widget so that you can select multiple predefined values from the dropdown menu. I used the 'contains' condition since the field contains a list of concatenated values, for example: '2020-2021', 2019-2020', 2018-2019', and so forth. 


I want to be able to set an 'AND' condition for filtering the checked values, but the default behavior seems to be set to 'OR'. I know I have the option to select a condition if I add a filter for each year range, but I don't want to do that. The years range from 2008 to 2021 and that's too many filters. 

What's weird is that in the main app config there appears to be a "logicalOperator" property in the 'sqlExprObj' for each filter. I tried changing the property value to "AND" but it made no difference, like the property is being ignored. Was wandering if I am missing something, or is something that isn't currently possible.



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