Custom icon for pages in Experience Builder

11-28-2020 03:05 PM
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Hi- I want to add my own custom icons for pages in Experiene Builder, and have these icons display in the menu widget. However, I want the color of those icons to honour the advanced settings for "regular" and "selected".

In which format should I upload the icons for this purpose? I tried png and svg formats, tried with an applied color or transparent - but couldn't make it work.

Edit: Actually I tried again now with a white colored svg and it DID work.

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I would like you use custom SVG icons for buttons and other widget. Currently, there is a preset number of icons that I can use for a button widget. I can upload my own png, or jpeg icon. But I would like to use SVG. How would I do that? 

Below in an example (button widget configuration) where I would like to add my custom SVG image. 



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Is there any further documentation on the svg requirements for Experience Builder?