How to restore extent of your previous session?

04-06-2023 05:19 AM
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In WAB a popup would show up so you could restore the extent (zoom in) to your previous session:The SaveSession Widget for ArcGIS Web AppBuilder enables users to save the current map settings into a session and restore them again later. A saved session includes the extent, visible layers and annotations of the current map. Sessions may be saved and loaded from files so they can be shared with others.


I can't find that in EB or it doesn't do it yet.  This is very important for our company. How to restore the extent of your previous session in Experience Builder? 

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Bookmark widget allows you to save custom locations that are stored in your browser  cache.

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Thank you @avonmoos, however I don't seem to find the specific option in that widget to make EB automatically zoom back to my area of work that I had before I hit F5, like WAB does. Could you please elaborate a little more on where this option is and how to activate it? Thanks

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The previous "keep extents and layers" option is basic functionality in my opinion - it saved me customising maps for teams or individuals, can we have it back please

Its not the previous zoomed location that is useful its the turning off of layers to personalise a map to that user, I have maps with over 30 layers so users from different teams filter the map differently, now I can only save a different version for each team, and that wont make all users happy!  

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With the URL parameters provided, you can now use the General setting and choose to share the map's extent & center & scale, or viewpoint:



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