How can I set date format in Experience builder Print widget?

01-18-2023 06:01 AM
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I am trying the print widget in Experience builder (in AGOL), using the print service printTask, I do not have a custom print service in the organisation.

In the result from the Experience builder print widget the date format reads as "January 18, 2023". 

However, when I use the print widget in Instant apps (Media Map template) it reads "1/18/2023".

Because the app will not be used by english speakers the format MM/DD/YYYY is best. (Ideally, it would say "18/01/2023", DD/MM/YYYY.)

How can I get the MM/DD/YYYY (or better yet DD/MM/YYYY) format in the Experience builder print widget?

I use the same web map for both apps. I have tried changing my Language, number, and date format settings but this does not change the Experience builder date format. The date format is normally set to Great Britain. I have also tried different browsers with different language settings. 

Thanks in advance

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