Has anyone come across an ExB that simulates a map like this?

07-25-2023 07:28 PM
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Hello - 

I am thinking ExB might the way I go about building this out for an interactive/digital option. I had originally thought about doing a Dashboard with Image widgets for stagnant legends/text that just simulates each side of our Bikeways Map. But, of course I can't help myself... and now I want to do a 2 page ExB, but I am having trouble with knowing where to start. Has anyone seen any examples of something like this in ExB yet, or does anyone have a recommendation for which template to start with? They all seem so similar to me off the bat, so I'm struggling to wittle down my options. My goals include featuring each business independently when someone clicks on it. Highlighting their logo, their bike friendly acommodations, whether or not they're a repair kit host, etc. Would be great to feature it all at once, and then filter as selections are made.



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Perhaps it might be useful if you start by taking a look the Experience Builder Gallery for inspiration: ArcGIS Experience Builder Gallery | Explore & Showcase Your Apps ? There are a lot of different examples here and I'm assuming one of them may reflect the layout you are trying to achieve.

If you want to take a look through those and if you find one that has a similar interface but you are perhaps not sure how to achieve it or whether there is additionally functionally you want to add, I'm happy to give some pointers! 

If you can't find anything here that reflects what you are looking for, would you mind providing a little more information on how you would like your app to function? Are you hoping for your app to look like those images and clicking on the map to filter down the information?



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