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Google drive image in Image Widget of Experience Builder

01-20-2024 05:30 PM
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Addimg image to Image Widget using URL was working fine until last week.

Example URL:

Since past couple of days its not showing the image in the widget and when I got edit the url in the widget it is showing Invalid Url error.

Another change I noticed that, earlier the link used to open image in the browser but now it is opening the image by redirecting to It still display image in the browser when &authuser=1 is removed. But any of the link used in the widget throws invalid error message.

Any ideas about this development or work around to this problem will be highly appreciated.

When I change /download? in the link to /view?, it shows 404 error in the browser.


When &authuser=1 at the end is removed, it still is displaying in the image in the browser. But when the link is used in image widget of Experience Builder, it say invalid link.

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Hi @AdityaRoshan


I found out that this issue has been reported on the Google Support community site ( and it seems the issue started around Jun 11th

I found a workaround solution by using this link for your image in the Image Widget

The way I arrived at the link above is by using the following format first:<Image Id>/edit

In your image case will be

Then, I dragged the image to obtain the final link


Hope this helps

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