Google Analytics with Experience Builder?

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07-17-2020 06:39 AM
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Is is possible to use Google Analytics with Experience Builder? Is there a place to set a Google Analytics Tracking ID, like one can in StoryMaps or Hubs? Or, perhaps other, more complicated ways to tie the two together?  

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I have the same question.

I know we could use the Developer Edition and download the experience to host on our own website (and add the GA tags from there) but we're looking for an easier way.  Happy to have the app hosted on AGO for both administrative simplification and site performance but really need a way to track usage

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Hi Scott,

Where would you insert your GoogleAnalytic's ID, though?  There's only one index.html 

https://BASE_URL/index.html   << this is easy to edit

Here is what you would need to do:

1. clone every widget that you are using in your ExB map.  

1.1 example: copy whole folder from c:\ArcGISExperienceBuilder\client\dist\widgets\common\search
1.2 paste in c:\Temp
1.3 Rename the folder from \search\ to \my-search\
1.4 Edit the manifest.json to change the name to my-search
1.5 (while you're at it, change the icon.svg & fix the issues in popper-style.ts 🙂 
1.6 Copy your cloned widget into c:\ArcGISExperienceBuilder\client\your-extensions\widgets\my-search

2. Use my-search widget from now on in your ExB maps

3. Edit C:\ArcGISExperienceBuilder\client\your-extensions\widgets\bcc-search\src\runtime\widget.tsx

4.We will use the 'react-ga' library (don't forget to do a npm -ci to fetch the required libraries) 

import ReactGA from 'react-ga';

Then modify your render function


import React from "react";
import ReactGA from "react-ga";

const useAnalyticsEventTracker = (category="Blog category") => {
  const eventTracker = (action = "test action", label = "test label") => {
    ReactGA.event({category, action, label});
  return eventTracker;
export default useAnalyticsEventTracker;

import useAnalyticsEventTracker from './useAnalyticsEventTracker';

const ContactUs = () => {
  const gaEventTracker = useAnalyticsEventTracker('Contact us');
    <h3>Contact Us</h3>     <div> 
       <a href="#" onClick={()=>gaEventTracker('call')}>Call Us</a>      </div>     <div>
       <a href="" onClick={()=>gaEventTracker('email')}>Write to us</a>      </div>  </div>)};

5. Save the widget.tsx ,  you could also inject your Google Analytics in the sub-components (usually located in the /runtime/components/ folder) 

(use good old for all obfuscated .js/html) 

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Doesn't this only matter if you care to track other pages, views or widgets in the contained app?  Otherwise, if we only care about traffic to the app (ala web app builder), don't we just need the tag in the html?

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Any update on this\roadmap for when supported?

With the latest Sept 29 AGOL release we are seeing more apps with GA support ArcGIS Configurable Apps with express setup (Media Map, Minimalist, Interactive Legend, Zone Lookup, Nearby, and Attachment Viewer) continue expanding and improvements planned for this release include support for Google Analytics

My work around currently to track usage is to add the app to a hub site!



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Could you elaborate on how you brought your app into a hub? I have a UA for my app, but I am getting lost inside of hub. 

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To the best of my knowledge, the Experience Builder team is exploring the possibility, but it is currently not supported. I recommend submitting this as an idea for our Experience Builder team and upvoting the idea. 

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Peter KnoopScott AulenCharlie Coley

This has now been logged has an internal Enhancement Request ENH-000134433 : Provide ability to track ArcGIS Experience Builder's Performance with Google Analytics.

This is not a guarantee that the functionality will be introduced so I therefore also advise an idea is submitted to ArcGIS Ideas as per Deidre's suggestion.

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Thanks. I created an ArcGIS Idea for it, please add you Up Votes Scott AulenCharlie Coley

Provide ability to track ArcGIS Experience Builder interactions with Google Analytics