Filter widget results lost in Mobile when widget is closed?

04-28-2021 10:53 AM
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Hi, the Filter widget works as expected in the Desktop and Tablet modes. I click the Filter icon, select a drop down category (user selection), hit "Apply" and close the filter widget with the "x". This closes the widget panel but keeps my records filtered in the map.

In Mobile, as soon as I exit the Filter widget using the "x", I lose the filtered results. I can drag the Filter widget down lower in the screen, but it takes up valuable screen real estate. Is this a bug? Workaround? Video attached.

Thank you

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Hi Brittany, this is a bug with the controller widget. We have it logged in our system to fix it. @ShengdiZhang 



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Thank you David. I found this link after posting suggested that Select Multiple resolved it, but I am not finding that to be the case (same issue). I will open a case with tech support to track this bug.

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I have also experienced the same bug, with more and more people going to mobile first.  Do you know if a fix will be coming in the next release of Exb or should I look for another solution for my mobile users in the short term?  Thank you

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Hi Brittany, @RyanBohan 

This bug should be fixed in the latest June update, please give it a try.



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