Filer Widget Unique Source Type limited to 50 Values?

05-22-2023 11:54 AM
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Hey, everyone 

I'm attempting to sort my data based on counties in Ohio, of which there are 88. Doing this with the filter widget, however, is proving to be difficult as it's not taking entries from all 88 counties. Instead, it's capping at the 50th alphabetical county (Mahoning) which leads me to believe that there's a cap on the widget. Is there any way to override this or should I just use another widget? 




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By just looking at your screenshot, it looks like a similar issue (BUG-000150593) we are investigating - a data-specific one related to how the data field is structured. However, to make sure it's caused by the same reason, is it possible to share the data with us for further testing?

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