Features not displaying on ArcGIS Experience Builder

04-24-2020 10:37 AM
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My webmap layer features and their pop-ups are not being displayed in my experience builder.

The published version is here: Experience 

The webmap I am using is here: https://arcg.is/0T9GHC 

Other information

  • Loading other public maps with features and pop-ups on the Experience Builder works fine. 
  • My layer, map, and experience builder are all public. 
  • I did use arcade expressions to show the attachment as an image in the pop-up. 
  • The "disable pop-up" option is not turned on


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Hi Sarah,

I was also able to reproduce using the JS API to load the web map. Can you provide some steps on how you created this web map and layer? It looks just like you used GeoForm to create it. 



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Hello David,

Thank you for the quick response. I am new to this program so I may not explain this well.

I did create the layer and map from a geoform. 

I followed this youtube tutorial to create the GeoForm: How to create a GeoForm for Data Collection (updated 2 Nov 2016) - YouTube 

Steps I followed:

  1. Use excel to create fields then saved as a .csv file
  1. I uploaded the .csv file to my Content page and configured the field and location types accordingly
  2. This upload automatically created a "feature layer"
  3. I changed the feature layer settings to allow editing and attachments
  4. I created a map with the layer and set the desired extent for users to input their locations
  5. I saved the map and then used the "share" function to create the GeoForm
  6. Tested the GeoForm by inputting those 2 projects
  7. I created a "view layer" from the original feature layer
  8. Used the that new layer to make a new map
  9. I adjusted the icon styles and configured the popups
  10. **This is where I used arcade expressions to display the attached photos in the popup as images rather than urls
  11. I saved the map

The features and pop-ups work when used on other webapp builders. Experience ArcGIS Template Place Explorer is an example of what I've trying to accomplish. 



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Hi there, 

Is it possible for you to share the csv file you are uploading create this service? The issue appears to be related to the service, the tiled request is returning a 400. Getting the csv file will help to troubleshoot the issue.

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