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Extent Filter on layers added to table by user

05-16-2024 11:04 AM
New Contributor

I just recently started learning Experience Builder to replace our webapps currently running on WebApp Builder.

I figured out how to filter the data table based on map extent to all layers manually added. However, when in Live View, if a user uses the "add to table" button in the layers, this new data tab will not be affected by that same trigger.

Is there any way to include this in the triggers?


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Esri Contributor

There's no way to filter sheets opened from Add to table, as the data being filtered has to be selected as Action data first. You may consider use this workflow:

Extent changes -> Data filtered in other widgets -> View in table

It may not be the ultimate solution but it can somehow allow you to see filtered records in table.

Shen Zhang
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