Experience Builder Themes are too similar

10-03-2022 12:42 PM
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I'm wondering about the themes available in ExB. It seems they are quite limited. For instance, switching from 'Default' to 'Ink' results in the following changes to the appearance of may app: Background color of the search bar button changes and background color of the legend changes. That's it. 

I would expect to see a bit more of an overall style difference. Like buttons, icons, maybe header background, fonts, etc.

The dark styles do a bit more, as they change the map widget style, but it still seems very haphazard. The attached screenshot shows the 'Violet' theme, which does apply that color palette to the buttons or other icons in the header.

I'm aware that I can create a custom theme, but I'd prefer to just have more useful options out of the box.


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@ZorbaConlen1 Hi thanks for bringing this up. We will keep a note of this matter. In the meantime, you could post it in the Experience Builder Ideas channel, and we will constantly check and evaluate based on user feedback.