Experience Builder Query Widget Message or Data Actions

10-07-2021 12:55 PM
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Hello - For the Online ExB Query Widget  -

if we are going to be able to employ a Message Action for:

Records created>Add action>Show on map, there should be a way to remove the graphic from the map when the record is cleared. 'Remove from Map' the created graphic. 

As it stands now, the only way to clear the graphic is to refresh the browser, or not use the 'Show on map' message action and only employ the 'Show on map' as a Data Action.  Then we can at least remove the graphic from the map . . . But that sure takes a lot of clicks and is hard for the end user.

I am glad to see clearing the Search clears its graphic.  

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Thanks for the feedback! We'll consider it and make an enhancement.

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Thank you @TianWen It would also be very helpful if we could get at or modify the color setting for the return graphic.  As it is, the pale yellow can be difficult to see against light baasemaps. If anything, most users are used to seeing a cyan, much like a selection.

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The function has been provided in the latest AGOL 10.2 release - now you can customize symbols for the Show on map message or data actions for available widgets.

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What about remove from map?  Did you release an option to clear the layers?

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Also looking for this as an option. Clunky to have to reload browser.

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