Experience Builder Query Widget Export points and related table attributes

10-19-2021 03:52 AM
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I am building an EB and have a feature service that is built from Survey 123 and stored in AGO. It's a point layer with 2 separate repeats, so have related tables and common attribute of GlobalID and ParentGlobalID.

I need the functionality in EB to set up some common data queries through the query widget to make common selections on the data easy, then export the point features and all related repeats to .xls. and maybe other formats too. I have been able to do this using the table widget using Actions and Triggers. It appears the concept is the same in query widget, but am not able to successfully filter or select related table items to export to .xls. 

Has anyone been able to successfully select repeats or related table items and export using the query widget?

Thanks for any help,


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