Experience Builder - Problem Unselecting Items After Clicking Other Points

08-26-2022 12:07 PM
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I've been trying to make a web app that would display various stations with information in popups and a sidebar about amenities close to the station. The problem I am having is that experience builder doesn't seem to unselect the previously selected points after clicking an area with no features or clicking another station. It does not do this with the other line layer that is a part of the same map, only the station point layer. 

I've tried replicating this on different Experience Builder drafts so I know that it's either something on the map/layer I am referencing or it's a problem with experience builder itself. See the attached image for an example of what I'm describing. I don't believe it's related to the sidebar because I tried one without a sidebar or any settings changed other than adding the map data. 

Any ideas/experiences are appreciated!

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