Experience Builder Not Supporting Enterprise Portal Layers SAML Authentication

04-15-2021 11:23 AM
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Hello EB Team, 

It appears Experience builder is not supporting SAML IDP Authentication with ArcGIS Enterprise Portal layers. 
When accessing an Enterprise Portal Layer in EB, it prompts for a named user login instead:



ArcGIS Online supports SAML IDP logins across the entire system, therefore this is a equivalency issue. 


Thank you, 
Amanda Huber


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Prior to last night's Sept 21, 2021 ArcGIS Online update, the SAML authentication with Portal had been working in Experience Builder. 


As of this morning, it appears to have reverted to the previous behavior (as seen in this post)


This has broken our app for the time being, as we are relying on collaboration data available in our Portal.

Is anyone else seeing this? Workaround? Bug? 

Thank you

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Hi @BrittanyBurson , sorry to hear that. However we cannot repro the case on our side. It looks good. 

Could you provide more details? Like, which Browser you are using, is the data shared within org or as private. If possible, could you share a reproducible service on your portal to me? Please contact me at wying@esri.com so we can figure it out further.  Thanks you!

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Thank you @WeiYing1 

I am seeing it in both Chrome & Firefox, cleared cache for both. This data is shared from our QA Portal as a collab to ArcGIS Online. It does prompt me as expected when I go to the item details page:



To rule out the collaboration part as well as an issue with QA Portal, I added a Production Portal rest service which requires the same SAML authentication into a blank map, and into a blank Experience Builder -- same result:


I will email you a test service URL to try. Thank you for your time!

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Thanks! We will try to fix it asap


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@BrittanyBurson - the patch has been applied. Could you please help confirm if the problem goes away?

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It is fixed! Thank you so much @Jianxia and team for all of your efforts.