Experience Builder: Frustration with selection and lack therefore of

05-12-2023 12:40 PM
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I started learning how to use the experience builder over the past 5 days, I have run into an issue multiple times now where, my current problem is that I have household income data for each zone, I want to set up brackets of 0-50k, 50k-150k, 150k+, I am not on an enterprise account and I cant use any widgets that require a sign in or that use credits as this is for free use by planner. I want to have the user click a bar on a chart which would select each feature that was used to make that bar as seen in the first image, this only partially works, I am able to add a filter to the action tab so that when it changes selection it will highlight the the zones that meet that filter, Great I will just do that for each bar; and it doesn't work, if I add more than one selection filter, or a separate selection with its own filter for the bars, it 1 stops working completely, or 2 it just selects the newest selection filter regardless of the bar I select, I get it to flash when one is selected but they all flash at the same time and at different frequency's, as well as I cant change the flash color. Fine ill use the query tool, I set up the filters and set up flashes for each one which does work however each of the flashes are all the same color and I cant find a way to change the color again I then see that there is an action so that when records are created it highlights them I a color, however when I try to have multiple of these with different colors it always picks the last one to be added, query is also very clunky and confusing for a user who i want them to be able to do. I can do just a normal filter but that just removes zones from the layer not add and overlay or select them, I cant really do lists because I cant figure out how to only show just one element in the list that represents an entire group that has the same element in the feature.
Is there anything I can do to make this forsaken program do what I want or am I boned?






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Hi @GISDepartmentMFM 

Based on my understanding, you want that when select a bar on the chart, map could filter/flash the related features right? 

To do so, you will need to setup Actions. I notice you tired, but from your screenshots you didn't setup the trigger condition. So basically, the chart is a statistic result summarizing the original input. The chart output (result) is a different data as the original data input. They are not auto-bounded. But they have the same fields such as the field you used as "category field". So you will have to manually link the two dataset by setup the common field. 





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