Experience Builder for ArcGIS: Issue with menu and Navigation Panel

12-09-2021 11:35 PM
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I am facing an issue with the Experience Builder.

Version of Experience Builder: 1.3  , Version of ArcGIS JS API: 4.x

When I am working on the iPad and medium screen devices layout, upon selection of the Menu widget, the menu item has a strange behavior.
As the items in the menu correspond to the pages that are created, the second page is omitted from the menu layout, when a vertical layout, or an icon layout is selected from the menu.
This issue persists only in Medium Device mode for the second menu item entry.

Example Scenario - Please refer to the following screenshot.

  1. When medium screen mode is selected, and the menu has 3 items(Home, Request Status and Request Status 2), the second item is not shown in the vertical layout and a similar behavior can be seen in the icon type layout.

  2.  If I remove or hide the Request Status 2 page, the menu on vertical and icon type shows just one menu item(Home), and the second item(Request Status) is ignored, as Request Status 2 is hidden(or deleted). However, if I select a Horizontal type layout, I can see all the 3 menu items.

I have attached similar screenshots of the menu widget in the mobile layout as well, which shows a normal behavior on any type of selection.

I tried fixing this through various measures but I have reached a dead end now. A help would be really appreciated here. Thanks in advance!

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