Experience Builder Filter Widget and Related Tables

02-28-2022 05:08 PM
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Does anyone know if it is possible to filter parent records in a map based on a filter widget set up on a related table?

For example, I have parent records which are associated with a spatial point.  The parent record contains name and date.  The related table contains qualifications associated with each name. Is it possible for a user to select qualifications using a filter widget and then the map to filters to show just those records? I am not having any luck so far, but seems like this should work.....


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This may not be an option for you and your workflow, but I have created views using the two tables to achieve something similar when trying to use the filter widget. The disadvantage with this approach in your case would be that you would end up with multiple duplicate points, one for each qualification. In my case I had a table which referenced multiple geometries. 

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I am struggling with this as well.  Would you be able to describe the workflow you implemented?

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Suppose the simplest question would be if the related table is an inspection table that's being added to, and you want to monitor in real time?  If not, I'd do a join and then update your data, means a flat file and behaviours would be as expected.

If it's an inspection table that's dynamic and being updated in real time, then a different approach is needed. A related table holds no spatial data, it's a record attached to a spatial element. So, you can create filters, but there's nothing relatable back from just a filter to do what you ask.

Of course, there's work arounds. You can create a join in AGOL and that is then used, as it will keep a dynamic link to your data as it's added. Or, if you add filters to ExpB that then show the results in a table, you can then select records in that table and those will filter/flash the selected item as you're setting it to relate between parent and child ids.

We've a road ironwork inspection routine, approx 20k items are inspected with an ever increasing related history table - it frustrates me no end there's no easy way to spatially relate data between table and parent.

There's also options within Arcade to do this, but this isn't easily translated to the field, for example.