Experience Builder - Edit Widget/Tables Domains showing/not showing what determines?

12-02-2022 03:16 PM
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What determines if the label/domain shows in the table/edit widgets in EB? We have a few apps set up and some tables show the labels and others show the code.

In the edit widget, for editing records the widget shows the label which is great, but if you select a value, an error message, "Value should be one of the listed values." shows and you can't edit? This is probably related to the text label not being an integer value for the field.

We can't find any setting to enable values/labels (coded domains) in either the table or edit widget.

Appreciate your help in advance,


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I am also having this problem right now. The domain labels appear when I view them in table view in AGOL but when they are in a table in EB it only shows the code.

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Also having the same problem here. Edit widget only shows domain values (numbers) instead of the feature labels as it shows in Legend and Layers widget.

Experience builder is proving to be very disappointing as its Edit widget is not configurable. 

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