Experience Builder Edit Widget Not Updating

09-29-2021 03:57 PM
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First off - love Experience Builder. Second, I have a question on the edit widget that was recently added to Experience Builder Online regarding the update process. I have an ExB page, that has a map, edit widget, and an embedded dashboard. When the edit widget is used and "Update" is clicked, I would like for the map and the embedded dashboard to be instantly refreshed and updated. Currently I have changed the refresh interval for both the map and the embedded dashboard, but I am looking for something a bit more streamlined (plus, seeing the screen refresh every 12 seconds is annoying). I have attached a picture of my ExB page for reference. 

I have tried using WAB, and then adding in info. graphics and using a dashboard and embedding the map viewer (classic). I think my best bet however is to use Experience Builder Online. I don't currently have the resources to do something custom. 

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