Experience Builder Dev Edition Application Lagging / Crashing when several layers are turned on

12-01-2020 09:45 AM
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Hello all,

I have developed an ArcGIS Experience Builder application with the Developer edition 1.2. The application is live and hosted on a web server. However, I have noticed some performance issues when using the application.

Our application is used as a Web Map with many layers (sewers, electrical lines, political boundaries, etc.). The main reason for using the Experience Builder developer edition for a Web Map is due to the lack of layer grouping in Web AppBuilder. Layer grouping supported for the new Map Viewer Beta is written in JavaScript v4 and is not compatible with Web AppBuilder. We are using the developer edition for Experience Builder due to the lack of widgets available in the ArcGIS Online version (I understand it is actively being developed). 

Our Web Map is having performance issues after hosted it on the server. 

  • Lagging when several layers are turned on
  • Aerial imagery not loading when several layers are turned on
  • Pop ups are loading very slow

Is anyone aware of how we can enhance the performance?



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Hi Henry,

We are also having a similar issue with a web map in Experience Builder that has lots of layers (which are grouped). Did you find any solutions to speed up the loading?

Thank you, 


GIS Analyst @ The Rivers Trust
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