Experience Builder deployment(Dev edition vs AGOL edition)

12-15-2022 08:13 AM
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Hello all!   I have used both the ExB Developer Edition and built Experiences thru AGOL.   I have just deployed a public Webapp created in the AGOL version that is hosted on NatWeb.  however, in the Source code, im seeing the long https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/0xxxxxxx9 URL from my original AGOL hosted Experience.   our organization obviously needed to open the AGOL Content to the public for the Webapp to work,  but I dont really want the public to see that URL?   Is a better idea to open this Experience in the Dev Edition and download the .zip file and host that?   will I still see that original ExB URL?

basically,  which is best practice for deploying ExB apps?   Dev Edition .zip file or is it okay for AGOL URL(in an iFrame)?

thanks everyone! 

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